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October 22, 2013
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Concept Art: Winnie the Fishbowl Head (Rps Open) by VintageInkling Concept Art: Winnie the Fishbowl Head (Rps Open) by VintageInkling
{{ Here's a concept I've been playing with for a while. I decided to make a true object head but one that was truly weird. So I made a Fishbowl head! }}
Here's her Info:

Winona Locklear the Aquarium Cleaner
Nickname: Winnie, Winfield, Bowl-Head
Age: 19? Doesn't really remember
Sex/ Gender/ Orientation: Female/ Gender-fluid-Androgynous/ Bisexual?
Status: Single and ready to Mingle
Height/Weight: 6'3, 200 lbs.
Species: Object Head - Fishbowl
Origin/Nationality: ??? - Now resides in Scientia Marina, Native American (Alaskan) - Chenega
Personality: Sweet, Optimistic, Calm, Level - Headed, Down to Earth and Overall very Friendly, Social
Voice:… Zedd

Fun Facts!
- Has a Big Brother named named Klein Locklear. He has a Klein Bottle for a head:
- The goldfish in her head is named Stella Diem. She can talk and grant some wishes.
- Doesn't remember much from her past life. Isn't too sure on her age.
- Isn't too sure where she came from exactly, Isn't too sure how her body works either.
- Questioning her on it can make her have a head ache or go into shock, when that happens her bowl start's to crack.
- Dies if her bowl breaks

{{ Rps with her are Open and Encouraged! Any kind is okay! Help me develop her uwu }}
{{Feedback on her design is also welcome! Please I want to finalize her }}
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now.. you ustand you have inspired me haha?


Gah love her~ perfect, and that fish is a fantastic touch  )) 

hnnnnng thank you~)
Oswald clapped her on her back "ah, g'day lass!" He said happily. "Have ye ever gave any tho' ta travelin'."

((le question))
(( SHe isn't open for questions hun :c ))
hnnnnnng whoops then rp starter?
The odd object headed creature tapped her finger to her ‘chin’ as if trying to understand the question and think it through. “Traveling, ey? Well…I wouldn’t know about that, I have work here on this island along with college!”
Oswald made a face "never been one fer academics."
“Oh? Why not? Education is pretty glubbin’ awesome!” She chimed, the water in her bowl swishing as the little fish inside gave a big thumbs up, agreeing to her friend’s statement.
Oswald shrugged "never had tha knack fer it, ah guess."
Allora1313 Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist… Nami: *smiles as she looks at the stranger* Looks like i found a new home for you, Beauty! *she said to her pet angler fish, who was bobbing on the waters surface.* Oh, never mind. *she said when she saw the goldfish swimming in the bowl* Im Nami, by the way. *she said energetically*


Beauty -… ))

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