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October 13, 2013
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Custom Choco Demons #18 ( +More Choco Demon Info ) by VintageInkling Custom Choco Demons #18 ( +More Choco Demon Info ) by VintageInkling
Both of the cuties belong to ~ask-maskedkillers

{{Now for some new info and new customizations for Choco-Demons. This is important for whoever has a choco-demon or wants one in the future}}

As of recent, You may now request if you'd like your choco-demon to have....FUR. Some choco-demons are unable to develop a thicker chocolate shell on their skin, thus keeping their baby fur from birth. Some will even retain hoof like or paw like features at the point..but that is mostly through species interbreeding with other beings. For example, the Caramel Peppermint has a parent who is a Reindeer and A Choco-Demon Mother, resulting in hooves and more antler like horns. The Honey Blueberry has a father who is a badger of sorts and a Choco-demon mother, resulting in more Paw like hands and feet, and even having fully furred tails from birth along with upright ears.
These are all extremely rare mutations and pairings however...and for adult Choco-demons to have fur makes them more suspectable to disease, weak immune systems and hormone imbalances. Many of these choco-demons are also sterile, meaning they cannot give birth. If they are not sterile, then there are extreme complications in mating and breeding, resulting in deformed young and still borns. Cross-Bred or Furred Choco-demons are also more favoured for slave trading and poaching due to their luxurious fur, this also means all baby choco-demons are hunted for this as well. Remember to check for labels on fur coats, some maybe made from Choco-Cubs or Cross-Breds, this type of trade is STRICTLY illegal in Ooo but some of this activity seems to slip by. Good luck and take care of your demons, feed them well and give them right, don't forget to teach them too.

- Prof. Claire Richards
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ask-maskedkillers Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhhh I luv them

{{AAAAA JEEEZ LOOK AT THESE BABIES THEY ARE SO FLUFFY AND CUTE<333 seriously love these choco babes theyre always so lovely ;  v ;}}
{{ Hnnn thank you darling .these guys are mega fun to draw~ I'm glad you like em uwu }}
how much would a just choco demon nothing special that's fuzzy and has two tails cost..... i think it would be cute and .... adorable
well probably about 50 points? at the moment though they are still closed and will be closed until further notice.
i know i just wanted to know how many points id have to save up thankyou :) 
Octocutie-OCs Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
whoa..... fuuuuuuuuur
Fluffy fluffy fur~
COOKIES4MONSTER Oct 13, 2013  Student Writer
Omg i want a choco demon but I has no points I shall save up untill in can get one :')
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