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December 10, 2013
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Hacker Concepts { RP and Feedback Encouraged } by VintageInkling Hacker Concepts { RP and Feedback Encouraged } by VintageInkling
{{ A bizarre concept I've been working on. I personally like him but he is subject to change. For now I'll be putting up his info and he'll be free to rp with. But do give feedback and maybe some input on his design. I am still incredibly unsure of his design }}

Subject #51M043 - Alias: Simone Hackson

Age: [ Redacted ]
Height/ Weight: 4'2 ( 127cm ), 71 lbs ( 32.2kg )
Sex/ Gender/ Orientation: Male, Bigender, Polysexual - Monogamous
Sexual Disposition: In both genders, He is submissive


-Status: Single

[ Information is Classified beyond that ]

Species:  Modified [Classified] - Dubbed as a 'Transmission Twister', 'Hacker-Imp' or 'Radio Killer'
Origin/Nationality: [Classified] - Resides in Scientia's Government Labs , Assumed to be Portuguese 
Occupation: 'Hacker', Spy, Saboteur


- Good: Simone is a rather playful man with clever attributives, making him rather intelligent. He likes to keep a good conversation and is generally a decent person to be around, a man that a person would like to have a beer with.

- Bad: However, he is also malicious and rather mean-spirited. His teasing can go beyond that of a joke and he is rather rude. Simone finds enjoyment in others misery and irritation as he likes to become a nuisance to others by playing some rather dangerous games. He cannot take things seriously and is overly hyper, causing a mess in people's homes or electricity. Simone has a fairly short fuse and is also easy to anger, making him a sore loser if you win at his little 'games' or shoot down his jokes.

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Voice: 2-D from Gorillaz

Additional Information and Fun facts
:bulletred: The Hex Code Key on his tail is able to connect to any device with a jack, able to unlock any code and acting as a digital 'skeleton key'
:bulletred: He has a severe addiction to headache medicine, painkillers and smoking.
:bulletred: Suffers from intense migraines, body aches and spinal problems due to his nerves system being messed with.
:bulletred: His headphones are actually connected to his brain and the wire is connected to the nerves on his spine, this is for him to receive transmissions and radio waves
:bulletred: If he intercepts a radio wave, he is able to play music and use his mouth as a speaker, due to this he can 'autotune' his voice at will and change his pitch.
:bulletred: Likes to swing dance and tap dance.

Open to all sorts of Roleplays. Please do so, help me develop him
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// love his design~! like how its kinda got this junky look and feel to him uvu and the hex key tail is a really neat concept //

{{ Ahhh gosh thank you. I'm really happy with how he looks. I'm gonna be finishing up his final design soon }}
(( ooh i am excited to see his final design! ))
2. I would love to rp with him))

Putting his face in his hands, the rhino shuddered, resting his back on a stone building. He felt, almost, sick. A thin film of sweat had formed on his forehead. What had happened? He was fine just earlier. What caused this sudden bout of nastiness washing over him? Ignoring his surroundings, he took deep breaths, hoping he wouldn't throw up his recently in-taken food.  A head ache didn't improve the situation either. Resting there for a few hours, he finally decided to move. Looking up, Ranj saw it was dark. Now he would have to find his way through the veil of darkness. He still didn't feel too well, and stumbled a bit from not standing up for so long.

:bulletblack: He felt someone rush past him, a short climbing up a pole after jumping onto it. It turned out to be a very tall landline as he grabbed onto the wires, short circuiting all of the lights on the block as the rays of energy literally flowed to him, making him cackle like a madman and jitter. His eyes began to glow old scarlet red and a brilliant pinkish white. Looking down at the rhino, his brows raised up a bit. 'You alright there?!" He called out, jumping down and landing before him.
He stumbled back a bit. Combining the lack of light, and his already poor vision, he couldn't make out any thing, much less any one, in front of him. "Ah-" His body unvoluntarily shuddered. "N-not really, I think." Was it just him, or was it getting hotter? It was getting harder for him to breath, and he knew that wasn't a good sign.  Even if he were the bigger of the two, which he usually was, he felt he wouldn't be able to defend himself.

:bulletblack: The small male raised his brows, crossing his arms over his chest as he circled the fainting rhino, his tail swinging back a bit before Simone grabbed onto him. "...You need a hospital man..what's a big guy like you doin' in the city..yer gonna get sick!" He scolded him, wagging his finger back and forth as he frowned, tapping that odd key tip into a telephone to hotwire to an ambulance, immediately bringing one over. "Alright big guy..time to shove ya inside.."
percabethgirl Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
oWo Ohmygawd he's so amazing GIVE ME YOUR TALENTS Can I RP?
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